Meridian Risk Management Professionals
Direct Line
 Joseph Solimine, Jr.  President  914-738-9298
 Joseph Solimine, Sr.  Principal  914-368-1282
 Peter Bennett  Partner  914-250-1157
 Chuck Del Priore  Partner  914-250-1155
 Andrew Emery  Partner  914-250-1156
 Brian Fredericks  Partner  914-250-1158
 Michael Hade  Partner  917-731-5959
 Tom Solimine  Partner  914-368-1281
 Bill Tweedy  Partner  914-368-1283
 Bill Foxx  Senior Acct Exec  914-469-4637
 Jeannine Foxx  Senior Acct Exec  914-804-8482
 Neal Kantor  Senior Acct Exec  914-368-1275
 Christine Mondrone  Senior Acct Exec  914-447-3732
 Ray Quinn  Senior Acct Exec  516-732-0485
 Janet Locascio  Private Client Group Manager  914-738-9294
 Conrad Allen  Private Client Senior Acct Exec  914-368-1270
 Monique Edwards  Private Client Acct Exec  914-368-1274
 Rob Roksvold  Private Client Acct Exec  914-368-1278
 Chrissy Kantrowitz  Private Client Acct Exec  914-738-9297
 Karyn DaRe  Commercial Lines Manager  914-368-1291
 Dorothy Ayers  Commercial Lines Acct Exec  914-368-1271
 Doug Depew  Commercial Lines Acct Exec  914-368-1272
 Tina McCleod  Commercial Lines Acct Exec  914-738-9295
 Tamika Rose  Commercial Lines Acct Exec  914-738-9296
 Deborah Selmon  Commercial Lines Acct Exec  914-368-1280
 Mike Drohan  Accounting  914-368-1273
 Chris Moriarty  Accounting  914-250-1164
 Dan Moriarty  Accounting  914-368-1277
 Harris Vrahimis  CTO  914-310-1857


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Important Note: This website provides only a simplified description of coverages and is not a statement of contract. Coverage may not apply in all states. For complete details of coverages, conditions, limits and losses not covered, be sure to read the policy, including all endorsements.

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